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時間: 106年8月26日 15:00-16:00
地點: 駁二藝術特區大義區C9倉庫



Time Traveler’s Memory” is an exhibition presenting the work created by a group of artists who have spent three months as artists-in-residence at the Illustrator Village in The Pier 2 Art Center. During their period as artists-in-residence, the artists used The Pier 2 Art Center in Kaohsiung City as a base for linking their own romantic daydreams with an exploration of the city’s lived memory, weaving together a magical, daydream-like “explorer’s journal.” 

The imaginative creation undertaken by the artists during their period as artists-in-residence can be thought of as resembling a cosmic “parallel space” that is connected with reality but which at the same time possesses its own unique logic. By moving back and forth between the virtual and the real, the artists become “time travelers,” guiding the observer into his or her own memories and helping them to enter a parallel universe of the imagination.

【Opening and Exhibition Tour】
Time: 26/08/2017 15:00-16:00
Location: Pier2 Art Center DaYi Area C9 Warehouse